Local Escape Rooms

Local Escape Rooms

We have compiled a list of local escape rooms in the Niagara/Buffalo area that have agreed to offer discounts to our attendees. Please feel free to book any of the rooms during your stay in Niagara Falls and enjoy the discounts offered during the week of the conference.

We would also like to offer a special thanks to David and Lisa Spira from ROOM ESCAPE ARTIST who took the time to go to Niagara and tour several rooms in both Buffalo and Niagara (on the US and Canadian side). Here you can find their recommendations and reviews of the games they were able to play.

3600 Escape | Book Here

3600 Escape is located at 1643 Hertel Ave, 3600 Escape is in the heart of North Buffalo close to shopping, dining, and nightlife.  We offer two rooms, our Conspiracy Theory Room where you and your team work to solve the conspiracy and find out what happened to your friend Joe. Our newest room, the Mineshaft offers you and your team a chance to break into a mine to find a diamond that was hidden long ago by a miner John Pickens. To book either of these rooms please go to: www.3600escape.com and click the booking link.  Enter promo code TransWorld to receive 30% off.



Location: 1643 Hertel Ave | Suite A | Buffalo, NY 14216

Phone: 716-768-8850

Discount Code: TransWorld

Lock and Key Escape Room | Book Here

Lock & Key Escape Room rooms have a variety of puzzles and will challenge many different skills; intellect, perception, teamwork and communication are just a few. Grab your friends, co-workers or family to experience an immersive adventure that will test your wits. Our escape room is located in Buffalo, New York and is just minutes from the border of Niagara Falls. We provide private bookings for groups of 4-8 people.



Location: 507 Elmwood Avenue. Buffalo, NY 14222

Phone: 716-262-0192

Discount Code: No Discount Code Available


Trapped – A Buffalo Escape Room Experience | Book Here

Trapped is an escape room offering fully immersive, 4D puzzle rooms. Once locked inside one of our themed rooms you will have exactly one hour to find clues, solve puzzles and escape! Trapped is offering a 20% discount to all Niagara Escape Room Conference Attendees. Enter Promo Code NRE125 to receive 20% off when you book online.




Location: 2171 Sheridan Drive Tonawanda, NY 14223

Phone: 716-495-0002

Discount Code: NRE125

Reality Rooms Niagara | Book Here


Reality Rooms Niagara would love to have you explore the adventures in their escape rooms. Located on the lower Niagara River in Historic Lewiston with it’s fabulous restaurants, it’s well worth the short drive from the falls. Reality Rooms Niagara is an exciting, heart pounding, real life gaming experience full of clues, codes, interactive puzzles, symbols and hidden artifacts. Immerse yourself in the storyline adventure using all of your wits along with a spirit of co-operation to unlock the mystery.


Location: 765 Cayuga Street (located right behind Tin Pan Restaurant) Lewiston, New York 14092

Phone: 716 713-9066

Discount Code: No Discount Code Available

Escape Room Buffalo | Book Here


At Escape Room Buffalo, all 4 of our games and rooms are family and HR appropriate, safe, and free of any dark, mature or scary content.

Your team will find hidden objects, make creative leaps, crack codes, solve puzzles and discover secrets that stand between you and your final solution.

To book any of these 4 rooms please go to: BOOK HERE and click the booking link.  Enter promo code 10ESCAPE to receive 10% off.


Location: 290 Oliver Street North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Phone: 716-249-1010

Discount Code: 10ESCAPE

Perplexity Escape Room | Book Here

Perplexity Escape Room is Buffalo’s first escape room. We are a locally owned and operated escape/puzzle room in Williamsville, NY. The new escape room game that has been sweeping the nation has finally made it’s way to Buffalo. You and your team are locked in a room and have one hour to solve puzzles and find clues in order to find the key and escape. Each of our rooms has an immersive story line as well as different puzzles and challenges. Escape rooms are great for having fun with friends and family as well as strengthening communication skills and teamwork in corporate settings. To book go to: BOOK HERE and click the booking link. Enter promo code TRANSWORLD20 to receive a cost of $20 per guest.


Location: 5888 Main Street, Floor 2, Williamsville, NY 14221

Phone: 716-634-2171

Discount Code: TRANSWORLD20


Escape City Buffalo –  Ever wonder what it’s like to live out a movie? Escape City is Buffalo’s newest live-action adventure games where you must find your way out. Work your way through the hollywood quality sets, find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape through the secret passages before the clock runs out. Grab your friends, family, or coworkers and let the games begin!

To book go to: BOOK HERE and click the booking link. Enter promo code TRANSWORLD20 to receive 20% off per guest.


Location: 750 Young St. Tonawanda, NY 14150

Phone: 716-389-2634

Discount Code: TRANSWORLD20

Enigma Escape Rooms | Book Here

Enigma Escape Rooms is Buffalo’s newest escape room experience and we are happy to offer our participants the challenge of escaping “The Masterpiece.”  Our escape rooms are an immersive form of entertainment; you and your team are dropped into the story and you have to finish it.  You and your team will have to find clues, solve puzzles, and work together in order to complete the objective of that story.  Are you up to the challenge?  We are located in Downtown Buffalo, NY and provide private bookings for groups of 4-10. 

To book go to: BOOK HERE and click the booking link. Enter promo code TRANSWORLD10 to receive 10% off per guest. 

Location:  18 E. Tupper Street, Buffalo, NY 14203 (Parking is available in the parking lot behind our building off of Washington St.)

Phone:  (716) 322-5650

Discount Code:  TRANSWORLD10

Qube Escape Rooms Niagara | Book Here

Qube Escape Rooms Niagara – The goal is simple: escape from the room in 60 minutes using only the mind, logic and intuition, solving all the puzzles and mysteries. Your team is locked in a custom built, challenging and entertaining environment to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges to find the final key. Your family, friends or co-workers will have to unite into an efficient team to discover the hidden clues or codes to reach the goal and escape from the room. We have three unique games (Grandpa’s Study, Synergy and Homeroom) to choose from, with Homeroom offering a competitive team vs team experience. You can race against the clock as well as each other! Come check out some of the most creative escape rooms in Niagara Falls at Qube Escape Rooms Niagara. 

To book go to: BOOK HERE and click the booking link. Enter promo code TransWorld to receive 20% off per guest. 

Location: 4455 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, CANADA

Phone:  905-354-8064

Discount Code:  TransWorld

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